12 Days to Manifest your dream life // Bespoke Crystal Box // Manifestation + Abundance + Freedom

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Confused about how to manifest? Want someone to mentor you through the process?

New Years resolutions are out! New Years manifestations are in! Introducing our 12 Days to manifest your dream life challenge!

2022 is all about manifesting your dream life and making it a reality! I am running a manifestation challenge pairs with our bespoke manifestation crystal box.


START DATE: 17th January, 2021

12 days of group mentorship with The Spiritual Collective

    * In these 12 days you’ll be entering an energetic container of abundance, growth, up-levelling, expansion, and momentum with likeminded women and myself!

    * You’ll start to feel like the universe truly is on your side and you see things from a lens of things happening for you. You’ll see signs and synchronicities guide you to what is aligned for you!

VIP Private Voxer chat with the other challenge gals to have one on one mentorship, guidance and community (for krystal & co clients only)

Krystal & co bespoke crystal manifestation box - 12 crystals paired specifically to your manifestation goals for 2022

Oracle card guidance and card readings

Daily cards of the day

Learning about Moon Magic and creating rituals

Morning affirmations/journal prompted & nightly meditations

….Let the Universe intuitively decide what you need coming into 2022! Or leave a note at checkout what area of your life you are needing guidance in, eg love….

Each box will be intuitively hand picked for you by the universe. Expect anything from tumbles, forms, clusters, jewellery and raw chunks, plus a manifestation crystal guide.

Join The Spiritual Collective group where the 12 day challenge will be dropped! Plus get daily emails straight to your inbox with juicy information on how to manifest with intention + workbook to help guide you towards the life of your dreams!

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