Dolomite on Amethyst Cluster // Mexico // Grounding + Alignment + Guidance

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// Dolomite 

Grounding + Alignment + Guidance 

"The Stone of Chakra Alignment"

Dolomite invigorates our entire chakra system while grounding our emotions into the physical realm. If you often find yourself out of balance, Dolomite's energies focus on centering our emotional and physical bodies.

This mineral harnesses its element by rooting one's aura deep into the core of the earth. Here, we can tap into Mother Earth's energies and intentions so that we may begin to reprogram our chakra system to be fully aligned once more.

If you are one that is eager to clear your headspace of unneeded, self-deprecating thoughts and would like to tap into Mother Earth’s energies for guidance, Dolomite is a stone that you should be working with. When one is fully aligned with their chakra system, their decisions and thoughts will be of pure and decisive intent.

// Amethyst 

Transformation + Healing + Protection

“The Stone of Spiritual Growth”

 Colour: Shades of lavender + violet

 Born in: Brazil, Uruguay, Worldwide

 Chakras: Crown

 Zodiac: Aquarius + Pisces

 Care: Fades in direct sunlight

 Water Cleansing: ☑ Yes

Amethyst’s high vibration cleanses and protects you through times of grieving. This is so important, particularly when things may seem hopeless, as this strong emotion could draw negative energy to you.

As a Stone of Transformation, amethyst’s calming nature soothes your mind and brings emotional comfort. It’s not always easy to see that new beginnings start from such a painful place, but to love and release is a sign of spiritual mastery.

If you’re mourning a loss, or supporting someone who is, amethyst, being a mind centered energy, will help you find the right words to say. It’ll allow you to keep a much clearer head and promote inner wisdom and peace.

* Cluster is from La Sirena Mine, Guanajuato Municipality Guanajuato Mexico + weighs 30g.


**Please note: Krystal & co source all crystals and metaphysical products via sustainable and ethical means, crystals are of a high quality. Due to the natural nature of the product, size, clarity, shape may vary slightly. There may be inclusions, which include natural dents, scratches and chips.

Each crystal is chosen with love for you, we package each order with love and care and are sent with incense to aid you in cleansing your crystals to prepare them to assist you in your intent