The ‘She is’ Calm Set // Grounding + Balance + Serenity

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 // The ‘She is’ Calm

Grounding + Balance + Serenity 

This beautiful collection will help you to take some time out for yourself, encourage you to unwind, get good sleep, slow down and reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue.

The set includes: Lepidolite, Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, Black Tourmaline, Howlite, Blue Calcite, Flourite, Celestite & Angelite.

About the crystals:

// Lepidolite 

Calming + Stabilising + Healing

Often when you go through a major loss, you feel as if you’ve lost a piece of yourself as well. Lepidolite helps by making you feel spiritual whole again, even after a devastating loss.

Lepidolite is a Stone of Transition. If you’re suffering from the loss of a loved one, Lepidolite can give you the gentle courage needed to face this terrible transitional period. It also soothes your spirit, giving you calming energy that will put you at ease.

// Amethyst 

Transformation + Healing + Protection

Amethyst’s high vibration cleanses and protects you through times of grieving. This is so important, particularly when things may seem hopeless, as this strong emotion could draw negative energy to you.

As a Stone of Transformation, amethyst’s calming nature soothes your mind and brings emotional comfort. It’s not always easy to see that new beginnings start from such a painful place, but to love and release is a sign of spiritual mastery.

If you’re mourning a loss, or supporting someone who is, amethyst, being a mind centred energy, will help you find the right words to say. It’ll allow you to keep a much clearer head and promote inner wisdom and peace.

// Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is a truly beautiful crystal, with layers of clear, pale blue, and darker blue. But it’s more than just a pretty face: blue lace agate is amazing at calming the mind and healing broken emotions. It opens the door to your spiritual connection, supporting intuition, clear expression, and alleviating stress and anxiety.

// Black Tourmaline

Protection + Grounding + Recharging

“The Stone of Protection”

Whenever you are feeling a little stuck, black tourmaline, the vacuum cleaner of the crystal world, will help you release any negative energy you might be feeling while protecting you from any bad vibes being thrown your way. Since Taureans aren’t huge fans of change, letting Black Tourmaline guide you through change can be profound.

You can even hold a chunk of black tourmaline during meditation for a few moments to ease your anxiety or fears quickly. 

// Howlite

Peace + Clarity + Calming

"The Stone of Awareness"

If you want to achieve a better understanding of yourself, of people, of the world, and of life itself, Howlite should be your go-to stone! It will give you the gift of wisdom and enlightenment. It can help you connect to higher realms and remove the veils that are blocking the truths in your life.

Howlite is a great tool to have during meditation because it can help you focus your mind. It can promote serenity of mind and remove any kind of distracting thought. It will help you get rid of your stress and anxiety because Howlite is also a powerful calming stone.

// Blue Calcite

Inner Vision + Creativity + Communication

"The Stone of Emotional Intelligence"

Blue Calcite is known as the stone of emotional intelligence. It can help us get a harmonious balance between the emotional and mental level, between emotions and intellect. Maintaining this balance is the key to a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Blue Calcite is a very powerful stone when it comes to soothing and relaxing the emotional body. This stone is known to calm emotions and offers mental and etheric protection. Blue Calcite is very protective when it comes to one's aura, and offers very strong transmutational energies. When carrying or wearing Blue Calcite, it acts as a sponge and absorbs all energy coming to you. It filters out the negative vibrations and transmutes them back out into high positive energy.

// Flourite

Flourite assists with symmetry, beauty, lucid dreams, and even genius. Fluorite stones are powerful aids in healing and boosting the heart chakra and stimulates your positive energy. It is a wonderful crystal to have because it will help reduce your fears of the future.

// Celestite

Celestite is known for its high-frequency energy and has been said to provide a connection to the angels. It can be helpful with calming the mind and helping with relaxation. It is also said to be helpful with things that are mind-related: connecting to your intuition, developing your psychic gifts, and aiding in clarity.

// Angelite

Angelite helps to calm you and connect you with your spirit guides and guardian angels. 

Angelite is considered to be psychologically helpful in speaking your truth.  This stone is associated with self-expression and communication. The vibration of Angelite works with the throat chakra to enhance communication skills. 


** Please note: Krystal & co source all crystals via sustainable and ethical means, crystals are of a high quality. Due to the natural nature of the product, size, clarity, shape may vary slightly. There may be inclusions, which include natural dents, scratches and chips.

Each crystal is chosen with love for you, we package each order with love and care and are sent with incense to aid you in cleansing your crystals to prepare them to assist you in your intentions for them.