She is Courageous // Love + Courage + Balance

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// She is Courageous Valentines Day Bundle

Love + Courage + Balance

Show her how brave she is with the She is Courageous set. With a mix of luxury, relaxing and consciously curated items, paired with beautiful crystals chosen to show her how much you care. 

This set includes: 

- Clear Quartz Cluster (valued at $59)

- Argonite Heart
- Self love bath drops
- Tigers eye tumble
- Artisan whipped soap jar
- Luxe bubble candle (soy wax)
- Dried Posey bunch 

Please note each set is one of a kind so one she sells she sells. You will receive the exact items pictured. This set is valued at $99 rrp.

// Argonite

Heal + Balance + Content

Nature is our soul’s plane and is there to teach us that stability is an essential part of our spiritual evolution. It’s encouraging us to live from our heart and explode with compassion. Finding your true spiritual purpose in life is about being in alignment with your best and most authentic self.

The spiritual meaning of Aragonite is that its connection with the Earth’s energy gives you the vigour you need to recharge and stabilize yourself in all areas of body, mind, and soul.

// Tigers Eye

Protection + Grounding + Courage

Tiger’s Eye brings clarity and foresight into even the most chaotic of life periods. It’s a stone that will help ground you and make you understand what really matters in life. It’s an excellent stone to have with you if you’re looking to increase your wealth, boost your money flow, or create more opportunities for growth or expansion. It can bring in abundance and prosperity to your life.

// Clear Quartz

Transformation + Healing + Balance

Clear Quartz crystal are master healers. energy transmitters, and connectors to higher consciousness. Easily programmable as a personal magic tool, simply concentrate on your desired energy, action, outcome or feeling while holding your crystal, and voila; a powerful, tireless guide and cheerleader in crystal form.

If you would like your bundle gift wrapped with a cute personalised note attached please leave a note at checkout x


** Please note: Krystal & co source all crystals via sustainable and ethical means, crystals are of a high quality. Due to the natural nature of the product, size, clarity, shape may vary slightly. There may be inclusions, which include natural dents, scratches and chips.

Each crystal is chosen with love for you, we package each order with love and care and are sent with incense to aid you in cleansing your crystals to prepare them to assist you in your intentions for them.