Welcome to the world of crystals (if you’re new to crystals start here)

Welcome to your brand new adventure into the world of crystals! So happy you are here! So let's get you started with everything you need to know and starting your crystal collection.

What are crystals? Crystals are little miracles of limitless energy, radiant vibrations and transformational magic.

Technical speak: Crystals are structures that form when organic matter is exposed to a geological event, usually involving fire or water. They are unique among nature for their perfectly repeating molecular structure, which makes them able to transmit energy.

Where to get crystals?: Start looking for metaphysical (new age) shops and boutiques in your local area, this is your best option in getting your hands on crystals in person. These crystals tend to be a bit more pricey though. There are many avenues to obtain crystals online from Instagram to Etsy stores to online stores and boutiques. Just make sure you buy from a seller whose vibe you resonate with. 

How to choose the crystal right for you?: Don't overthink think, the crystal that catches your eye, the one you keep coming back to, or the one you keep thinking about is usually the one that is holding magic for your unique needs, healing and wishes. Always trust your intuition!

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