Anxiety Warrior Deluxe Set // Tranquility + Healing + Peace
Anxiety Warrior Deluxe Set // Tranquility + Healing + Peace

Anxiety Warrior Deluxe Set // Tranquility + Healing + Peace

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Pay in 4 intereset-free payments of $14.75 with Learn more

Anxiety Warrior Deluxe Set // Tranquility + Healing + Peace

Healing crystals are just some of the natural tools for relieving anxiety and curbing stress, anxiety, fear, worry or even panic attacks. Each with their own healing abilities for the mind, body and soul, crystals promote good energy flow and help you take control of your own life.  

Here are my ultimate must have it all set of eleven healing crystals for those who deserve the sacred space of serenity that is taking back the life you deserve by kicking anxiety and stress in the butt: this consciously curated collection of eleven high vibe crystals will bring tranquility, compassion and peace into your life. If you need to settle the mind and put yourself first then this set is for you!

This set includes: a amethyst, rose quartz, rhodonite, rainbow moonstone, citrine, hematite, black tourmaline, blue lace agate, smoky quartz, clear quartz, sodalite tumble and Krystal & co keepsake pouch.

About the set:

// Amethyst  ‘The Anxiety Alleviator’

Amethyst and its tranquil purple hues is incredibly protective, healing and purifying. If there’s a crystal you want nearby during an anxious time, it’s this beauty. Not only will it dispel negativity from our being, it simultaneously attracts positive, calming vibes. Known as "the all-purpose stone", Amethyst also has the ability to settle the mind chatter that keeps us awake and is perfect for those who suffer from insomnia or nightmares.

How to use amethyst for anxiety:

  • Place it on your nightstand for a better night’s sleep
  • Place the stone in your palm or on the ground around you while you meditate
  • Place it on your desk in your office to promote calm at work
  • Wear amethyst jewellery for calm throughout the day
  • Place the stone near your root chakra to keep you grounded

// Rhodonite ‘The Releaser’

Rhodonite, otherwise known as ‘the stone of compassion’ is a very powerful stone that helps reduce and suppress anxiety. Aside from releasing things that no longer serve you, Rhodonite also brings order to feelings of panic and helps you feel calmer and more secure. It holds space for you to clear away emotional wounds and scars from the past, and nurtures love. Know that you’re in good hands with a Rhodonite in your space. 

How to use rhodonite for anxiety:

// Citrine ‘The Composer’

Citrine, the golden optimiser of life, the joy, wonder, and enthusiasm you need in every part of your life. Feel the fear and let it go with Citrine as it guides you to switch out doubt and worry with warmth, motivation, and clarity. Like yoga untwists you from a wound-up day, Citrine has the ability to unwind tension and anxiety from your body, mind, and emotions. Rest in your power with a Citrine in-hand. 

How to use citrine for anxiety:

  • Wear citrine jewellery over the solar plexus area as a pendant
  • Lie with a stone on your chest and breathe
  • Charge your bath water with citrine by adding a small stone to the water before you get in
  • Place citrine stones in a grid to protect your space
  • Wear as jewellery or carry in your pocket to social events, stressful meetings, job interviews, performances, public speaking engagements, or other anxiety-inducing events

// Rainbow Moonstone ‘The Mellower’

Are you a busy, stressed-out mum by chance? Then look no further, Moonstone is an amazing stone for fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and all things related to motherhood. Or for any women at that matter, young or old, as it helps us to connect with our feminine side and is believed to balance female hormones. It is also known for ‘new beginnings’ and encouragement for inner strength and growth. When starting fresh, it dispels the feeling of fear and stress and helps with stabilising emotions so you’re able to move forward positively.

How to use rainbow moonstone for anxiety:

// Rose Quartz ‘The Relisher’ 

As it’s beautiful, calming pink hues suggest, this crystal is the crystal of love. Here at Krystal + co, more than anything, we believe in the absolute power of self-love and with this crystal nearby you’ll be feeling love, creativity and inspiration in all forms. When we’re under pressure, feeling anxious or just plain stressed, it’s so easy to forget about loving ourselves. Just gifting time to yourself to be truly present in your heart and your existence. Keeping a piece of Rose Quartz where we can always see it will honour respect, trust, and worth within yourself and open your heart, mind and soul to soar free from the challenges of life. 

How to use rose quartz for anxiety:

  • Place it in the windowsill of a room to bring love and peace to the space
  • Place one under your pillow to promote peaceful sleep
  • Hold the stone or stones while you meditate
  • Place the stones in your meditation area
  • Lay with the stone over your heart and/or root chakra and breathe deeply
  • Wear the stone as jewellery or keep it in your pocket to bring gentle calm to your day to day activities

// Clear Quartz ' The Healer'

Clear Quartz, known as the master healer, is a great tool that helps us find the inner sense of peace we need so much in times of distress and tension. Clear Quartz can be efficiently used to help us remain centred in tensioned situations.

How to use clear quartz for anxiety:

    • Wear Clear Quartz jewellery to help you remain centred all day long
    • Placed in crystal grids can amplify the energies of the other stones
    • It is one of the most efficient crystals for energy healing and Reiki sessions
  • Having a quartz crystal cluster around the house can keep the vibration high, emotions light, and lead to a greater sense of ease and peace.

// Smoky Quartz 'The Grounder'

Smokey Quartz is an amazing grounding stone, and a fantastic choice for releasing negative energy from your auric field. This stone is a valuable support for recovery from traumatic events or illness, and the anxiety that can be prevalent after such events. It is used as a cleansing stone.

How to use Smoky Quartz for anxiety

  • Place a pointed piece of Smokey Quartz between your feet directed away from you for 10 to 15 minutes, to draw negative energy away from you
  • Place over the root chakra to help ground you
  • Wear as a pendant to balance your emotions

// Hematite 'The Balancer'

Hematite is the perfect healing stone for eliminating stress and anxiety from the body. It's infused with an abundance of grounding properties, which helps keep you close to the Earth's natural frequency, allowing you to feel relaxed, balanced and free. Hematite helps to absorb negative energy and calms in times of stress or worry. Hematite is a very protective stone and is great to carry to help you stay grounded in many situations. Hematite is also good for working with the Root Chakra, helping to transform negative energies into a more positive vibration.

How to use hematite for anxiety:

  • Holding on to this crystal can help you feel more centred and calm, dispelling any anxious vibrations or stressful vibes.

// Black Tourmaline 'The Protector'

This shiny black stone is a popular choice for energy protection. Simply carrying a piece of black tourmaline around in your pocket can have a deeply calming effect. It is a grounding stone, and it prevents you from becoming overwhelmed. It also absorbs negative energy and protects your space from such energy, so if the source of your anxiety is external influences like work, difficult relationships, or events that are going on in the world, black tourmaline is a great choice.

How to use black tourmaline for anxiety:

  • Holding black tourmaline in your palms during meditation to harmoniously center into a peaceful mind space.
  • Place pieces around your front door or other entrances to absorb negative energy at the door
  • Place pieces in the corners of a room to cleanse the energy in the room
  • Wear it as jewellery or carry it in your pocket or bag (but remember to cleanse it regularly)

// Blue Lace Agate 'The Peace Maker'

Blue lace agate is a truly beautiful crystal, with layers of clear, pale blue, and darker blue. But it’s more than just a pretty face: blue lace agate is amazing at calming the mind and healing broken emotions. It opens the door to your spiritual connection, supporting intuition, clear expression, and alleviating stress and anxiety.

How to use blue lace agate for anxiety:

  • Blue lace agate is very popular as a jewellery stone, for both its calming properties and its beautiful appearance
  • Place the stones in your bedroom to benefit from its gentle energy while you rest
  • Put the stones on your desk or elsewhere in your office to help reduce tension and improve communication

// Sodalite 'The truth seeker'

Sodalite is a beautiful, blue stone known for its ability to bring calm and order to the mind. It encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth and intuition, making it great for dealing with anxiety-provoking situations. It also assists in communication, especially in the verbalisation of feelings, and brings about great understanding.

How to use sodalite for anxiety

  • Mediate with sodalite to enhance intuition
  • Place on the throat chakra to encourage speaking one’s truth
  • Wear it as a necklace and earrings, which will put the sodalite near the right chakra
  • Place larger pieces in the healing room to clear energy
  • Place near your bed or under your pillow when sleeping, to wake up refreshed with greater understanding and perspective


** Please note: Krystal & co source all crystals via sustainable and ethical means, crystals are of a high quality. Due to the natural nature of the product, size, clarity, shape may vary slightly. There may be inclusions, which include natural dents, scratches and chips.

Each crystal is chosen with love for you, we package each order with love and care and are sent with incense to aid you in cleansing your crystals to prepare them to assist you in your intentions for them.

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