Arfvedsonite Tumbled // Rare // Spiritual Growth + Self Healing + Manifestation

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// Avfredsonite 

Spiritual Growth + Self Healing + Manifestation

"The Stone of Manifestation"

Many believe that Arfvedsonite has a bevy of powerful attributes that you can take advantage of. But it’s widely known as the stone of manifestation.

At its core, the commonly accepted Arfvedsonite meaning revolves around the ability for it to help you manifest your destiny and provide inner light. Healers believe that the crystal’s radiant energy provides extraordinary insight that can help you gain more clarity than ever before.

The unique thing about Arfvedsonite is that it doesn’t make changes happen directly. Rather, it awakens your spirit and gives you the tools to find your place in the world. It can help you find your purpose and put you on the right path to living the best life possible (something that we all can benefit from)..

Many swear by the stone’s ability to instill hope and excitement. Instead of fearing the unknown, the crystal is said to help you experience child-like excitement even in the face of adversity. Arfvedsonite helps you see the light within yourself. It sparks your appreciation for your true nature and allows you to be comfortable in your own body. 

Use Arfvedsonite crystals at your Third Eye Chakra for spiritual growth.  Instead of running wild with a thousand ideas, the energies of Arfvedsonite aids in organising your mind into manageable goals.

Use Arfvedsonite at your Throat Chakra to strengthen your communicative energies. While organizing your thoughts, the stone allows you to effectively communicate your core message to the world. 

Like most black stones, Arfvedsonite is used to remove negative energies. Particularly, the stone is excellent at removing your negative feelings that you feel towards yourself. Use it to crush your own negative thoughts so that you can move on to fresher ideas. 

Arfvedsonite, found in black and blue, facilitates self-healing, living in the present moment, and longevity. Ideal for mastering fear, this stone can be used in meditation to open our mental enhancement, establish a peace of mind, and create new opportunities and new beginnings.

Arfvedsonite creates a sense of self-discipline, self-discovery, a sense of purpose, and offers a chance for spiritual awakening. Associated with the duality of Gemini and the element of storm, this stone relieves anxiety, helps deal with trauma and PTSD, and develops communication, compassion, trust, and courage.

Arfvedsonite has a supercharged energy within, capable of calming your emotional body while still maintaining a cool, collective mentality. This is perfect in times of distress, where one must be an adult and handle their responsibilities with a “poker face”. It pushes one to internalize their feelings until they are in a safe space or with a loved one where they can be vocalized. Doing so helps maintain an image of strength, while allowing your subconscious to remain in deep thought. During this time, one may come to the realisation that it is a waste of time, energy, and emotion to hold onto something so minute. This will cause a natural release of negativity (a self purification experience) and give you the ability to laugh or talk about it afterwards with ease.

How to use:

The best way to take advantage of the various Arfvedsonite properties is through mindful meditation. This stone is available in many forms, but polished or tumbled stones are typically best. That’s because they can easily be applied to your chakras for more focused energy.

As you meditate, open yourself up to receiving the stone’s vibrations. Focus on inner peace and taking in divine light. Before long, you’ll become more open to receiving messages that can change your life! Before you start using Arfvedsonite regularly, I recommend doing small meditation sessions with it to start.

Arfvedsonite is said to be a very powerful and overwhelming crystal. Those who dive head-first into its energy may experience more mental cloudiness than anything else. Start small and work your way up to build your tolerance!

** Please note: Krystal & co source all crystals via sustainable and ethical means, crystals are of a high quality. Due to the natural nature of the product, size, clarity, shape may vary slightly. There may be inclusions, which include natural dents, scratches and chips.

Each crystal is chosen with love for you, we package each order with love and care and are sent with incense to aid you in cleansing your crystals to prepare them to assist you in your intentions for them.