Deluxe Crystal Confetti // Intuition + Guidance + Higher Consciousness

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// Deluxe Crystal Confetti

Intuition + Guidance + Higher Consciousness 

Set your manifestations in stone with our hand picked crystal confetti! Each scoop of confetti is completely unique, scooped with our intentions set on you to ensure we are guided to the crystals that will help you manifest your goals and wishes.

Our confetti comes in two sizes: Intuition (small) and Guidance (large). Our confetti contains all kinds of crystals in a wide variety of shapes, including wearable jewellery and divination tools. 

We have collected these crystals over a long period of time for this event, saved special items and collected many different tumbles, shapes, and stones and now poured them all together into a tub for you to purchase by the scoop. There's even a chance for you to collect unique and expensive crystals! The larger the scoop, the greater the chance to grab these unique pieces.

For the chance to have your scoop filmed along with an explanation of some of your scoop, leave your Instagram or Tiktok handle in the order notes.

Each scoop is valued over the price paid x