Sagittarius Crystal Set // Grounding + Balance + Tranformation
Sagittarius Crystal Set // Grounding + Balance + Tranformation

Sagittarius Crystal Set // Grounding + Balance + Tranformation

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Pay in 4 intereset-free payments of $14.75 with Learn more

Crystals for Sagittarius Energy

Date Duration: November 22 to December 21

Symbol: Archer

Element: Fire

Sign Quality: Mutable

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter

From November 22 to December 21, the Sun is in Sagittarius. Sagittarius brings in the end of the year, and it’s the perfect energy to do so, helping us to contemplate the changes we want to make in the coming year. It is represented by the archer, a centaur, which combines animal instinct with higher intelligence.

The Sagittarius sun sign is a fire sign that is bold, brave, and passionate. These individuals love to travel, explore, and experience new adventures. They are free-spirited and require freedom. When they don’t balance this aspect about themselves, it can make them indecisive and unable to make commitments. These adventure-seekers love change, and they can be quite impatient if they don’t get it.

Sagittarius is probably the most fun out all the sun signs. They are optimistic and open-minded, but they also need independence. They like to party, which can at first make them seem shallow, but in reality, they are very deep. They are highly intellectual, are always on a quest for higher truths, and they long for a deeper understanding of life. 

While they love to learn, Sagittarians don’t want to just obtain a bunch of knowledge; they also want to experience it. They are philosophical and inspirational. They are also enthusiastic, kind, and loving. They have a big heart and are always there to cheer people up.

Sagittarius sun signs have strong morals. They treat others the way they want to be treated, and they expect others to do the same. They are extremely honest and direct, sometimes to the point where they can unintentionally hurt people. 

This set includes: a smoky quartz and amethyst raw chunk, a snowflake obsidian, lepidolite and lapis lazuli tumble stone, a clear quartz generator (polished or natural), a selenite rod, a palo santo stick and a preserved bunch of lavender.

With the help of Sagittarius crystals, Sagittarius sun signs can enhance their natural gifts and improve their weaknesses. Zodiac crystals emit unique frequencies that can work together with our personal energy fields to support and balance us.

It’s important to note that when the sun is in Sagittarius, we all will feel the energy of Sagittarius working in our lives, no matter what month we were born in. Therefore, these Sagittarius crystals can be helpful to us all during that time of the year (November 22nd through December 21st).


About the set:

// Amethyst 

Transformation + Healing + Protection

“The Stone of Spiritual Growth”

Amethyst gives Sagittarius the connection to their intuition and higher consciousness that they need to help them gain insight into the world they so long to understand. It helps them get out of their head and into their heart and spirit. Amethyst is also very calming, helping them to relax when they feel impatient.

// Smoky Quartz

Healing + Protection + Balance

“The Stone of Endurance”

Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone that turns negative into positive, helping Sagittarians to remain happy and enthusiastic even when they are around negative people and situations. Its energy is calming and uplifting, and it brings mental clarity and improves intuition.

// Lapis Lazuli

Harmony + Love + Protection

"The Stone of Truth and Friendship"

Sagittarians, while natural-born speakers, have a tendency to voice out what’s in their minds without properly thinking it through. As a stone of the Throat Chakra, Lapis Lazuli encourages you to speak out your truth with wisdom. It is perfect for the already vocal Sagittarian, as it enhances one’s ability to speak out the truth, as well as seek out certain truths when necessary. 

// Lepidolite 

Calming + Stabilising + Healing

"The Stone of Transition"

Lepidolite brings balance to what can be chaotic as a result of Sagittarius’ urge to go in too many different directions. It offers them a calming energy that feels like peaceful happiness. It brings change without fear and thought before action. This Sagittarius crystal will help Sagittarius sun signs to be still and feel whole and complete without having to look outside of themselves.

// Snowflake Obsidian 

Balance + Purify + Grounding

"The Stone of Self"

Snowflake Obsidian is a protection stone that brings serenity, truth, and purification. It brings balance to your mind, body and soul. Snowflake Obsidian releases negative thinking and stimulates self-awareness and insight. It stimulates inner-strength and helps to change perspective.

// Clear Quartz

Healing + Calming + Balance

“The Stone of Power”

Clear Quartz cleanses and rejuvenates the inner spirit, bringing in positive energy when Sagittarius is feeling depleted. It improves their connection with higher consciousness, helping them to discover their purpose and find the answers they seek. It also helps them with their intellectual pursuits as it improves concentration and memory. 

 // Selenite

Cleansing + Healing + Power + Protection

“The Stone of The Moon”

Selenite is the perfect stone to increase spiritual growth it has a very strong vibration which assist in healing at an energetic level. This master mineral is one of the only healing crystals that does not need to be charged and can actually be used to cleanse and recharge other crystals.

// Lavender

Clearing + Cleansing for the Mind, Body + Spirit

Lavender is a true adaptogen, and a universally healing herb. As an adaptogen, lavender goes into your system and works where it is needed to help your mind, body, and/or spirit find balance. 

// Palo Santo aka Holy Wood

Healing + Creativity + Clearing

Palo Santo Wood is a sacred wood that comes from the Palo Santo trees of South America. When it is burned, the smoke is believed to have medicinal, cleansing and therapeutic healing power. It also inspires creativity & clears all negative energy and brings love and fortune.

// White Sage

Energy Cleansing + Removes Negative Energy + Harmonises the Mind

Sage cleansing is the quickest way to clear out negative energy from both objects and surroundings. It is one of the oldest and most well-known herbs for energy cleansing your home. Besides removing negative energy, using sage to cleanse a home helps to neutralise the energy of the space, enhancing your intuition. This helps to relieve your worries, open your mind, clear away negative thoughts and feelings and harmonise the body by releasing the stress of your spirit.


** Please note: Krystal & co source all crystals via sustainable and ethical means, crystals are of a high quality. Due to the natural nature of the product, size, clarity, shape may vary slightly. There may be inclusions, which include natural dents, scratches and chips.

Each crystal is chosen with love for you, we package each order with love and care and are sent with incense to aid you in cleansing your crystals to prepare them to assist you in your intentions for them.

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