Yellow Calcite Generators // Balance + Confidence + Cleansing

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// Yellow Calcite 

Balance + Confidence + Cleansing

'The Stone of the Mind" 

Yellow Calcite is a stone that will help you believe in yourself and see the opportunities that are coming your way! It’s a stone that will clear your mind, boost your intellect, and still your thoughts.

It will also organize your thoughts and process the information that you receive in an organized manner. Yellow Calcite will boost your self-confidence and increase your self-worth. It will inspire you to have a mindful existence.

This stone will unleash your personal power and help you dispel the negativity in your life. It will give you emotional healing and give you access to your inner wisdom. Yellow Calcite will work as a mirror that will help you look inside yourself.

It will encourage you to use your best and most positive traits to the fullest. It will also infuse you with new hope and positivity to face the future.

The sweet and subtle energies of Yellow Calcite will strengthen your willpower to do anything that you want to do, and to do it with confidence and aplomb!